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16 March 2010

New Moon before Easter

-----------New Moon before Easter -----------------------Ganganda Greida

The new Moon before Easter occurred this year on Monday 15 March. For a few nights after this you can see, in the west after sunset, the crescent Moon lying on its back in the form of a bowl or chalice. Within it can be seen, like the Host, a reflection of the whole Moon. Rudolf Steiner called this the Grail and used the Nordic name of Ganganda Greida.

Ganganda Greida, means something like provisions or nourishment. The expression occurs in an old legend of Parsifal written in the Nordic language similar to modern-day Icelandic. The legend originated in the 13th century and was probably based on Chrestien de Troyes’ book on Parsifal.

I was unable to take a photo this time due to cloudy weather. If you have a clear sky after sunset, it is well worth while taking a look as the mood is quite special.

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