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25 February 2006

Birth Chart Archetypes

Last year I gave a talk at Camphill Greenacres in Dublin on "Birth Chart Archetypes-how four aspects of the zodiac manifest in well known personalities." This talk was repeated several times closer to home in County Kerry. I wanted to see if I could demonstrate that there are different influences emanating from the different regions of the heavens. I started with a premise taken from Cosmic Aspects of Birth and Death by Gunther Wachsmuth. He posits that there are four distinct sectors in the heavens more or less the regions occupied by the sun in the four seasons.

The four regions are as follows: "Equalizing" (world etheric) includes the constellations of Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and Aries; "Duality" (world astral) includes Taurus and Gemini; "Harmonizing" (world ego) includes Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Libra and "Polarizing" (world physical) includes Scorpio and Sagittarius. If a person is born with four or more planets in one of these regions they generally manifest certain traits. Please note that the zodiac constellations and not the signs were used and I used only the old or classical planets: Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

I use a good astrology software program called SolarFire. The birth charts shown below were made with this program that can show both the zodiac signs (inner circle) and constellations (outer circle.) For easier comparison, all charts were constructed with Aries on the ascendant.

I did a search in my working database that has about 3000 names of well-known personalities looking for people with at least four planets in one of the above-mentioned regions and came up with 20 to 25 names for each of the regions. I gave a brief description of the personality as their birth chart was shown.

Equalization: People born with a lot of planets in this region tend to have the ability to incarnate a lofty idea and put it into the world in a practical way. Einstein is our birth chart example.
Other examples of this region are:Nicolaus Copernicus, Charles Darwin, Leonardo da Vinci, Rudolf Diesel, Isaac Newton and Antonio Vivaldi.

Duality: Those born with many planets in this region tend to have very definite views or sometimes extreme religious views and often will experience the world as duality. Franz Kafka is our birth chart example.
Other examples are: John Ashcroft, Jean-Paul Marat, Benito Mussolini, Camilla Parker-Bowles and Igor Stravinsky.

Harmonization: Those born with many planets in this region tend to be "people" people with the ability to work out of their own individuality into the social domain. Bill Clinton is our birth chart example.
Other examples of this region are: Arnold Schoenberg, Mohandas Gandhi, Bob Geldof, Prince Charles, Jack Straw and Mother Teresa.

Polarization:Those born with many planets in this region tend to be extreme and polar. Our example is Ella Young who took an extreme position during the Irish revolution together with her friend Maude Gonne. She was a writer of wonderful fairy tales and of old Irish sagas.
Other examples of this region are: Beethoven, Humphrey Bogart, Al Capone, General Custer, Howard Hughes and Richard Nixon.

My audiences generally found the presentation amusing at first but became more engrossed and intrigued as the archetypes began to emerge. They had many questions at the end and often asked me to display the chart of someone that they were interested in.

If you have an astrology database, do a search for one of the groups, imagine that you are having a party and invite only the people with at least four planets in one of the regions and see who shows up.

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